Spigot DayVote 0.4

A simple plugin for voting for day, with a cool transition!

  1. zackpollard submitted a new resource:

    DayVote - A simple plugin for voting for day, with a cool transition!

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  2. Maybe call it TimeVote if you can vote for day and night
  3. Literally just moved it over from BukkitDev, but you can't vote to switch to night, there are two options, vote to switch to day, or vote to keep the night, you can choose which you prefer in the options.
  4. Oh sorry didnt understand it for the first time
  5. No problem, enjoy it anyway if you plan on using it! :p
  6. Can you make it so players can pay on group pay for example: player types /pay player 1 1000 and other players can type the same command until the money adds up to 10k or so then it will turn into day and reset the counter.
  7. I'll consider this, but currently I am working on other projects. This is technically out of scope of this project as it is meant to be voting, not the economy that decides on the changing to day.


    Zack Pollard
  8. Thanks for answering
  9. No problem, enjoy the plugin if you plan on using it :)


    Zack Pollard
  10. A Admin command, that is seting night...
  11. So a command that will set the night without the vote being invoked? Don't give me ellipses, your English isn't great and you are asking for me to add a feature to a free plugin, if I ask for an explanation as to what you want I think that is the least you can offer.

    - Zack
  12. Admins can change it to day with the use of other plugins/commands that you probably already have installed. Check essentials permissions.
  13. @zackpollard could you make it open source? we want to add per world option to toggle it off in certain worlds.