Spigot [DC] HP Core 1.0.4(Skript Fix)

A HP core by KnuffelBeestje | REMASTERED RELEASED

  1. bolleboor submitted a new resource:

    [SKRIPT] HP Core [DEV] - Adds some new feature's from HPixel

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  2. The rules on the plugin page are super dumb and will be ignored by a lot of users, just saying. Anyone can make a custom version and post it. You have 0 right to block them doing so.
  3. Thanks for notifying me!
    A license will be active shortly!

    EDIT: I'm using my default way again!
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  4. I recommend putting all of your upcoming changes in one update so you're not spamming updates every 30 minutes.
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  5. I argee with you.
    Thanks for letting me know ;)

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  6. Just released the last update for this week!
  7. bolleboor updated [SKRIPT] HPIXEL Core [DEV] with a new update entry:

    Added Hosting Rank | Version 0.0.9

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  8. wtf stop spamming updates
  9. Sorry that i spam updates!
    The spam will now stop!

    Sorry for this!

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  10. What's wrong with my skript?