Spigot [DC] HP Core 1.0.4(Skript Fix)

A HP core by KnuffelBeestje | REMASTERED RELEASED

  1. spamming upates
  2. Thanks for sending the message!
    I know i'm spamming updates but its fixed now ;).

  3. I just think you should make it so that there is no need for an external permissions plugin. It's very easy to implement your own integrated permissions system in a Skript. I would gladly show you all the basics.
  4. Thanks for your message!
    Sure, I can use some help with that!
    Message me the basics in a PM or join my discord server.
    You can send a PM too in discord if you want to.

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  5. Sup fam. Just wanna let you in on a couple other things with your skript.
    1. In your "on join" section where you display the players' ranks as they join, instead of cancelling the event and broadcasting something, you can simply say "set join message to blah blah blah".
    2. To save a couple seconds when typing anything having to do with a player's name, instead of saying "%name of player%, you can say "%player% and they mean the same thing.

    Not asking you to change anything. It's looking really good. Just letting you know a couple of things to either make your code cleaner or simply save some time. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks for letting me know!
    I'm working hard on some new features :D.

  7. bolleboor updated [SKRIPT] HPIXEL Core [DEV] with a new update entry:

    Version 0.1.6

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  8. bolleboor updated [SKRIPT] HPIXEL Core with a new update entry:

    Reload is now blocked?! | Version 0.1.9

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  9. bolleboor updated [SKRIPT] HP Core with a new update entry:

    BIG UPDATE | Version 0.2.0

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  10. You Know that I can just block the hp command and You can't do anything With it?
    Code (Text):
    On command "hp":
        Cancel event
    Might be wrong code ;-;
  11. Thanks for sending me an message!!
    This will be fixed shortly!
    I will need some help do!
    Can you help me with this update?

    PM please
  12. Wat?