Spigot DCP - DoubleCoinPlus 1.1 BETA

TPM Server double coin system !

  1. Please add more information in your post? How does the config look? Does it has any commands? etc. etc...
  2. I'm going to give you a simple lesson in using BB Code, you can make words bold/underlined etc.

    Information lorem lorem lorem lorem lorem
    Also there are script tags, you can place your config in here, don't forget the spaces

      Arg2: true
    I hope you can do something with this.
  3. Okay I will change it
  4. Pls be compatible with Iconomy, and thereby give it 5 stars, I say why not use essentials.
  5. ZombieCraft did you have vault ?
  6. if I have vault and does not work because it tells me, you need essentials.
  7. Is there an API for this?
  8. pls change
    please, change the dependence of essentials for Iconomy
  9. Yea I agree, some people don't use Essentials like me, like I said maybe create an API or a Coins system.
  10. Ok thanks!
  11. I dont get what it actually does. You get double coins, for what...? If player A pays 100 to B, does B get 200?
  12. Like that . You can disable it
  13. So if A send 100$ to B, he gets 200$. Of B sens 200$ back to A, he gets 400$. Easy dupe?