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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by mouad, May 30, 2018.

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  1. Hi brothers i open my bungee server and i get ddos every day
    just i need the best plugin or somthing to stop it
    i use vps/rdp to host my server
    ( no ddos protection )
    any help ?
    bad english sorry :/
  2. A host with no DDOS protection? hmm! I'd recommend swapping over to OVH to host your server, they have one of the best DDOS protection systems out there.
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  3. You cant stop a ddos attack using a Spigot/Bukkit plugin, it needs to be handled by the host.
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  4. There aren't plugins that can protect you from a DDoS attack, as Minerbeef and onEnableChan said, you should switch to a host with DDoS protection and I would recommend you use PebbleHost. They have really cheap prices (1$/Gb), amazing uptime, great support and they also publicly show their node stats.
  5. no i like vps is the best :) but how big servers and small servers
    protect from ddos how ?
  6. Use a host like OVH etc
  7. Umm what host do you currently use?
  8. i have a good vps 64 gb ram and exon
    i don't need to buy new one
  9. Apparently its not good because it doesn't have any protection. You need a proper hosting company such as OVH, as already said 3 times.
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  10. but ovh max ram 8gb :(
    ovh do not sell 64 gb ram

    i will try to contact them

    i will pay other 100+$ WTF XD
  11. 1) Learn to properly check the website. They sell plenty of extremely large servers with more than 64GB of RAM.
    2) Why would you ever get a 64 GB VPS? What is the point in having such a ridiculously large VPS? You're way better off with a proper dedicated machine from that size.
    3) Yes, a large machine like that is expensive. What'd you expect? You want 64 GB of RAM (which probably is way too much for you anyway) and you think $100 a month is a lot? OVH is one of the cheapest hosting companies around for what they actually provide you. Other hosts can easily triple that amount. If you're not willing/capable of paying at least $100 a month for a machine like that, then I see where the poor DDOS protection came from (crappy host).
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  12. Brother i have a big network more than 3200 player and more than 250 plugin and mysql is licahost on vps 12 minegame yes i need 64 gb ram and more ......
    I will see the site
    Thank you ♥
  13. Strahan


    Buy paying to protect their networks, and that protection then protects their clients by extension. It's not cheap; I work for a major municipal government and after we were hit by a ~30Gbps attack we invested in DDoS protection for our exposed services and it runs five figures per month.
  14. 30gbps isnt much
  15. Most attacks are around 5 - 15Gbps, 30Gbps is not much, but its above average, anyway still easily reachable.
    Our AntiDDoS provider got hit 2x with almost 400Gbps within 4 hours.

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  16. They do sell 64GB ram and even 128GB. You're looking at their dedicated range though.
  17. I could easily generate above 100gbps using my exploited website shells.
  18. No offence, but OVH has a reputation for being the worlds worst host, no one gives you more downtime, slower networks and shittier support.
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  19. And once again someone completely flaming on OVH while clearly not knowing anything about it. Yeah, let's blame OVH's terrible support, which they don't even have. I have about 10 servers at OVH and had them for over a year. Only had one tiny downtime EVER in that year. If your server is constantly offline or crashing, you need to blame your own setup skills because OVH is not there to hold your hand. They are a perfectly fine company so long YOU know what you're doing.
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  20. I ran a hosting company and had 2,500+ servers.... They are under no circumstances reliable, and I'm pretty sure that I and my team, who combined had over 210 years experience, knew exactly what we were doing, specially considering that we went from zero to hero the moment we moved away from them.

    But don't take my word for it, just Google them. Probably one of the companies with the most negative reviews world wide, and their not really that big either (Client wise)
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