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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DotRar, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. So, I'm suffering a heavy DDOS attack (Around 80 - 90 MBPS) on my new dedi (Only me and @jesseke55(Vouch btw) know the number IP, but they do to somehow) and some Chinese server started DDOSing me. We set up cloudflare but they're draining our bandwidth, does anyone know how to make them stop?

    An E-Mail from OVH:
    Code (Text):
    2015.03.12 16:58:29 CET    (Our IP Here):60540       TCP      66            848 ATTACK:TCP_SYN    
    They are attacking loads of ports (Only 3 are being used atm, they're not hitting any of them)

    And here's a picture:

    EDIT in 2017: Holy fuk check the post date bois
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  2. Yes i confirm that i am helping @RW_Craft
  3. it seems that it is an syn flood so its actually an DDoS attack.....

    is it able to buy an failover IP for it and will that helps?
  4. Only know the number ip...
    Just an site=>ip resolver...
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  5. Is it possible to hide it? We have WhoIsGuard
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  6. No
    I think so
  7. You cannot hide it.
  8. So guess what? You got the info to ddos!
  9. Well, no reflector is fool proof.
    What host? Ovh or SyS
  10. I know, but OVH protection is better than SyS ones afaik, so there will probably be a difference between OVH and KS too. Also, what is the bandwith?
  11. http://prntscr.com/6fz3om
  12. Mhm, maybe you could contact OVH/KS asking for support about their DDOS protection, since I can't know a lot about theirs.
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    How do you know it's a 90Gbps attack? I doubt anyone would attack a Minecraft server with that capacity from china knowing how bad their bandwidth is. If your budget for a dedicated server is under $25 you can't expect such quality... But the OVH mitigation should work good enough.
  14. Yes it was mitigated because while the attack was running i did some little pings and i got respond so they got mitigated and we were able to see that in the control panel of the dedicated server

  15. OVH comes standard with 160GBps ddos protection in 3 datacenters

  16. We had a 30 GBPS attack all though the night, server is still holding up :)
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  17. these are megabits, not gigabits
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