DDOS Attacks - Help

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DotRar, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Bps*
  2. No, its Mbps. About 80mbps shouldn't take him out with KS' protection. At least I hope so...
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  3. kimsufi and sys provides OVH protection but not OVH's permanent ddos protection.

    what that means is, the protection only kicks after the attack has started.
  4. I've recently tested a KS-3's protection and It went down without a fight with a mere <5Gb/s... The mitigation never kicked in either.. Server was down for over 20 minutes..
    Thats why we're tunnelling everything from our KS-3/4's via an SP-64 with Perm Mitigation.
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  5. PhanaticD


    thats 80-90 mbps not gbps lmao
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  6. This thread gave me a migraine.
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  7. it be cheaper to tunnel through one of OVH's $3 vps's which do allow for perm migration aswell.
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  8. OVH just emailed us and said we were attacked by our own server...
  9. it was sended by the server to an chinese IP so @RW_Craft ask for an thread close!
  10. Wait... You DDOS'ed the Chinese DDOSers using my server?
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  11. [​IMG]
    Might wanna take this to pm.
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  12. Jesse answer me on skype plz?
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  13. Few more pictures here...
  14. Theepwner


    This thread is cancerous.
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  15. I can't even.
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  16. MikeA

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    OP what do you still need help with? We can't protect your server against attacks, if OVH isn't protecting it then you need to find a better host with better protection.
  17. Eh, what's fail2ban? I've heard some stuff about it. What's the advantages of it? (I already have IP Tables btw)
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