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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DotRar, Mar 12, 2015.

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    fail2ban won't help with DDOS attacks.
  2. >inb4 he tries to ddos someone, puts "localhost" as the IP to ddos.
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  3. I wasn't DDOSing anyone as it's against the law...
  4. well if its an virus you/we cant do anything
  5. Why can't you do anything about viruses?
  6. The server is running on ubuntu 14.10
  7. Okay then. I don't know what to tell you.
  8. It could, you could make it execute a API call to OVH's firewall rules and add a rule blocking from the source IP. Worth a shot?
  9. Yes, they have Permanent Mitigation, so an attack will not down it for X seconds until Mitigation kicks in, but the total capacity until it downs no matter what is, well, complete shit. If anything, KimSufi's protection is better.

    Because consumer routers are reliable sources...

    Seriously though, I've read every post of yours on this thread, and I hope nobody ever hires you as a Systems Administrator.. (You've got a LOT to learn!)
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  10. Is anyone going to point out that he doesn't understand how DDoS'ing works... I believe this thread should be locked. Just a bunch of circles being drawn on themselves.

    Just fully read @BensDaMan. I stand corrected but still.
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  11. It probably should.. But you can't say it won't give people a good laugh :)
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  12. lmfao nah i'd hire him.. he is a 1337 networking engineer, systems administrator, head developer.. he'd be rly gud..
    all my nodes are offline
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  13. Yes i am still learning
    So whats the matter that i am learning?
  14. I go unwatch this thread and remove the funny reply's
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  15. i lost some brain cells
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Welcome to the Minecraft community! I'll be your guide :D
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  18. Sorry for dig, but one hour ago I've got attack from dedicated server and I've also in OVH (dedicated server Game). Someone has an idea for a solution?

    Edit: okay, it was from /etc/hades file, which was in autostart: /etc/init.d/DbSecuritySpt.
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