DDoS protection on the bungee, works?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by ChrisChatter, May 27, 2016.

  1. Greetings,

    I keep hearing people buy a vps from ovh just to put their bungee on, but does that work? I already have ddos protection but it's only 2gbits, I was wondering would it work if i got a small vps form ovh to put my bungee on thier if it would help with ddos protection or is this all myth? Thanks
  2. Where did you get that 2Gbits protection from? What source?

    And for the VPS, it works fine. I run my bungee on it aswell. (and mysql, phpmyadmin, nginx, teamspeak etc)
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  3. I tried once. It wasn't really stable. Either OVH killed the process because it was eating to much CPU or it died from some unknown reason. Either way, that happened a couple of times and i moved it back. Note I probably chose the cheapest VPS they had at that time, they might have different product lines that permits it.

    You could also go for one of the smallest Kimsufi servers they offer. The i3 based ones have excellent value for hosting a bungee for a smaller network. I'll guess you could proxy 400 players through that.

    As for the DDoS protection itself, I'm using a SoYouStart Gameserver for my Bungeecord, which is also a sub brand of OVH, and it works great. There's a small delay when an attack starts, which might make some players timeout, but after the protection is activated, none of the attacks launched against my server has been able to do anything besides generate a email.
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  4. I got a dedicated server from dedispec. They gave 2gbit for free...
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