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  1. Hey,

    I've been looking into some DDOS protection for a single ipv4 address and port.

    I'd like the server ip address to be hidden to the public and all traffic on that particular SRV record to go through a proxy.

    So far i've only found two alternatives that are within a reasonable price range, i was wondering if anyone else knew about other alternatives that seem to do what i want.


    I don't need a 400 euro protection plan to start a Minecraft server, i just need to hide the server's real ip address and have the possibility to add some ddos mitigation if it happens.

    edit: Oh, and it should be somewhere in Europe. US West coast gives 120ms to the server.
  2. Or just host on OVH and get ddos mitigation for free...
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  3. 1Gbps is nothing lol
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  4. Why do that when i already have all the hardware and the proper amount of unmetered bandwidth myself?
    Besides it's much cheaper and easier to upgrade.

    I found this to be an interesting read;


    But it's very outdated and nothing for Europe.
  5. JamesJ


    By any chance are you home hosting..
  6. Unless it's filtered clean traffic :)
  7. No, i wouldn't dare to have the server on my connection :) I'd still like some protection though.
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  9. "cheaper" well yeah theres the problem, you get what you pay for. I never had any trouble upgrading with OVH before. But if your happy to stay with who you are with then fine, but personally If ddos could be a potential issue, I would go with a host that offers it as part of the price and OVH is one of the best out there for protection (said by ddos'ers themselves), best of all its included the price, so if its a little bit more, I dont mind paying it.
  10. Looks like someone is trying to reach a number of posts on the forums lol
  11. I'll try and explain a little better,

    I'm trying to start a performence heavy Minecraft server at a budget price. So far we've only spent like 50 dollars as my Friend has kindly donated the Hardware and we have a secure place to host it on a powerful unused internet connection, where we actually have physical access.

    We have alot of high quality hardware in the server, as well as running the worlds on ramdisk, and we will be applying most of the optimizations in this forum. The website is ofcourse hosted externally with it's own dns and protection.

    In the future we may upgrade to OVH. At the moment we don't have funds, we do have powerful hardware and a very good plan/idea for a solid new Minecraft Community :) Not to mention we already have a few dedicated staff members and some nice attempts at spawn :)

    Here are the specs;

    32GB of RAM (DDR4 2133MHZ)
    CPU is Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690 v3 (30M Cache, Dodeca Core)
    250GB SSD 560/530 Mb/s Read/Write

    We can easily upgrade the server with another 32GB RAM.

    I'm excited to see how many players we can fit on it to be honest :) With all the great features found in paper and what not :) I still don't think this classifies as being cheap as the hardware alone is worth quite a bit of money.

    I'd still like to have some basic ddos protection. If you can't help with anything but to tell me to host it with OVH then just don't comment at all :)
  12. Why not rent a VM from OVH and host a bungeecord instance on there and just use that for for ddos protection?
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  13. Oo that's actually a good idea :) Thanks!


    Think this is the best choice?
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  14. I wonder if it works, too cheap to be true. Doesn't say anything about it not being allowed though and it includes DDOS protection so. I'll let you know how it goes :)
  15. Did a little digging and i think this is th way to go:

    That will completely hide your ip from anyone, even if they used netstat or something similar, as all traffic would be routed through the VPS, might impact performance though. If it does i'll revert to having a lobby. Should deter most kids as they will probably only think to ddos the server address.
  16. Using a proxy service (or DIY with a DDoS protected VPS) for running traffic will always have it downs at network performance.

    However the closer you can proxy the traffic through the lesser the latency will be. For instance if your server were to be in Dallas Texas then setting up the proxy within Dallas Texas would be the most preferred.