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  1. Hello guys, i have a mcprohosting server. they have terrible ddos protection. Can someone link me a website on the best ddos protection i can get under $50. Thankyou!
  2. Get a OVH vps to host your mc server on it or use on of these hosts:
    • bisecthosting
    • freaze
    • shockbyte
  3. ovh
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  4. How do you know they have terrible ddos protection, they resell OVH, are you sure your server isn't crap?
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    MCPro doesn't use OVH...
  6. Oh, since their dedicated servers they don't?

    I thought they were, what are they reselling then? Own hardware?
  7. How can you be sure that they do not have DDOS Protecction ?
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  8. Cloudflare
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  9. Cloudflare only protects your website against DDoS. Not game servers.
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  10. Uh no it doesn't.. It masks the origin ip and protects from ddos
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  11. Wait... wat.. you are a sys admin and you don`t know how cloudflare works?!?!
    It masks your website/webserver IP and not your mc server IP lmao...

    This is just to cry about how a sys admin doesn`t know how cloudflare works...
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  12. uh no it doesn't. Ping minevein.com thats a mc server. Get the server ip. Goodluck bro. Been running my hosting company for 3 years I know what to work the stuff thanks tho :)
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  13. [​IMG]
    Your system:
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  14. I literally LOLed
  15. Getting the records is pretty much easy and then grabbing the IP too.
  16. I know. I was a communications specialist in the Army.
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  17. Also let me make a list:
    • Owner of a host doesn`t know how cloudflare works
    • Wannabe sys admin
    • 3 years of running a hosting 'company' is prob a lie
    • The most people know more then you about cloudflare so please learn & read how it works....

    Do I have siriously to make this list? I wouldn`t need to if you weren`t doing dumb with how cloudflare works
  18. See you had to ping the hostnane to get it. It's still behind cloud flare
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