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  1. Hello, I am about to buy a ddos protection package and they are asking me what TPC PORT i need protected, not sure about this.

    I am using ovh hosting and its a Bungee host, which port would I use
  2. Which port would I protect against an attack on a box hosting bungee? ( i put down 25565 )
  3. It depends on what port the attacker would focus, but all attacks I received were all pointed on the bungee port. If you run on port 25565 I'd protect that.
  4. Okay thank you...i feel it is an attack on my Bungeeport (default 25565). Only when I boot up Bungee AKA port 25565 the attack starts. Any fix on this? Its only a 60mb/s attack, so is there any cheap protection hosting out there
  5. If you get some more information about the attacks, you might be able to decrease it using software. If it's only a few IPs you could block them.

    It's such a small attack, I wouldn't be bothered getting protection unless it affects you badly.
  6. But how would i gather information about the IPS
  7. Should work, until the attacker hits a different port. What's your budget on protection? Staminus offers protection for 200$/month.
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    10Gbps for $99.99 a month... Did you do research before you bought from them?
  9. Would not go over 100$ a month on protection
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    Its most likely not a legitimate company if they're offering 10Gbps for $99.99 a month.
  11. It only protects two TCP ports, attackers can easily attack a different, it isn't really bullet proof.

    Though, the attacks he receives are only 60 mbps, I doubt the attacker knows what he's doing.
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    True, very true. *Rubs chin*
  13. I think I'm being incredibly stupid at the moment... He would get an IP of them, which forwards the traffic of the ports specified, so it might actually work.

    Let me know how it turns out.
  14. Not sure what to do now...is there any quick solution to a small attack like this
  15. Is it affecting you? I suppose you're on a 100/100 line.
  16. Yes...he attacked my bungee host, all of my servers are now currently down.
  17. Thinking of upgrading the line now, if its even possible with OVH
  18. "Good day,

    It seems your server was under attack. Since it became a liability to our network, it was put on "hold" for 1 hour, during which OVH is vacuuming the attack. It should be put up again in about half an hour, if the attack has stopped. You should have even received an email about this.

    Very often those attacks are the consequences of actions taken (or not taken) by our customers on the server.

    We protect on first place the healthy of our infrastructure. The security and maintenance of your server is your responsibility.

    We have put you offline for 1h, on next occurrence would be 8h, finally the 3rd time we would be obligated to suspend your server.

    Please proceed to adjust your software to correct the situation and avoid the situation happen again.

    Nestor @ Fass OVH Support"
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