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  1. I'd like to note that I'm using OVH's DDoS protection, it's not enough. My servers constantly being hit off and, I can't afford $300 DDoS protection. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.
  2. well.. the best thing under $300 would probably be OVH or you could maybe try ProxyPipe @Coelho

    do you have permanent migration enabled with OVH?
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  3. I am using OVH's DDoS protection permanent and I think it's doing great job. What dedicated server do you have?
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  4. Monitoring isn't protection, it's just a system that keeps track of your server's resources.
    Are you on OVH or SYS or KS?
  5. I have my bungee server on OVH and my main server on SyS
  6. SYS doesn't offer permanent migration, but if I remember correctly for DDoS protection on bungee networks it only really matters if your hub is protected.. someone else can quote me on this.
  7. SyS doesn't come with DDoS protection?
  8. It does, it's just detection-based.
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    It does but it's not permanent and it's not as good as the mitigation provided for OVH enterprise servers.
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  10. Only BungeeCord should be protected. I don't think players can get backend servers ip so easily.
    And SYS only offers AntiDDoS that is automatic and come in after min or 2 of attack
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  11. I'd recommend InAbate, I use them and their service is phenomenal. Very cheap too.
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