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    Hey peoples, few quick questions. Does ReliableSite's DDoS Protection work as advertised? Also with my server doing heavy advertising soon I would like to know if my default 10gbps is enough. PM me if you are able to use some meaans of testing my current protection ;) (Will remove if its against the rules).

    Thanks in advance, Spigot. Y'all are awesome.
  2. You should honestly be fine, many 10 year olds with online web based booters, cannot touch servers with the slightest of DDoS protection, you shouldn't really attract any DDoSers you should be concerned about.
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    I've heard that minecraftservers.org brings in a ton of booters along with players. Do you think its still enough? I just don't want to be down for the two weeks because of a few asshats haha
  4. You shouldn't notice anything in all honesty. You will be fine.
  5. reliable site aint reliable hah, we had non stop connection drops on them, check out securedservers.
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    From my testing, RS-NET's mitigation is well enough for basic booters, but for annoying bigger people with access to either multiple booters or even actual NTP/SSDP lists. Their mitigation simply won't be enough.

    That being said, I'm quite sure RS-NET's mitigation will be fine for going on a .org slot or a few youtubers.
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  7. If you're looking for DDoS protection I suggest using https://www.intreppid.com/ I've been using them for 6 months now and they provide my large network with 100 gbs due to the amount of attackers we attract.
    Most booters won't be hitting above 5 gbs because the entire network is being used for many different attacks. A botnet or a VPS can hit large protection such as 50 gbs. However, attacking with such power costs quite a lot of money, therefore, you will not be seeing these large attacks unless you really mess with the wrong person/group. I wouldn't be worried about booters if you have 10 gbs, however, if your server is getting attacked then I suggest looking into the host I provided. Use code "Velocity" to get 10% off on your server purchase :)

    - Good luck!
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  8. Yea thats a good ddoss protected thing i think 10 gbs is too low
  9. We used ReliableSite a few months ago and their DDoS protection did work although their uptime and network wasn't the greatest.

    10Gbps should be enough for your server since it's highly unlikely that any of your players will go through the effort of organizing an actual DDoS attack. Their protection will easily cover the small DoS attacks launched through online booters.

    And as xBRENDYHD said, they do have some network issues from time to time. Providers such as PhoenixNAP (SecuredServers), SingleHop and Hivelocity are really what you should be aiming to use if you want more than just a cheap budget service. It may seem that other companies are overpriced, but most of the time you get what you pay for - which is personalized support, high performance hardware and very high network uptime.
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  10. y get 10GBps of ddos protection free when u buy the hosting u should be fine when i was the owner of theminecraftlife.com we had a few trying to attack us and they failed and moved on unless u have really tipped someone off that has a good booter/ddoser u should be fine u shouldn't be down for 2 weeks unless they hit u over and over again
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  11. To be honest I think 10 GBPS is fine. Like the other person said, I never see more than maybe 5 GBPS. Another thing you could do is have a backup server. You could use WinSCP to have automatic transfer of files to your backup, then have a program that pings your server. Once it sees it go down it triggers the startup script of the backup server. But altogether it is only worth getting DDoS and a backup server if you have like 30+ people on all the time. Normally smaller servers are fine, and if they do get booted it only last an hour or so.
  12. or you can just do what most networks do and get a ovh server for your frontend. if you configure it right your setup. cheapest option too..
  13. Have not had any
    DDOS problems so far, and I only have 1 gbps, Honestly I don't think you should worry alot about DDOS
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