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  1. What is a good cheap at least 100Mbps, 5+tb bandwith, minimum 10Gbps ddos protected server?
    Specs do not matter as I am hosting server myself and look only to use this server as a tunnel for ddos protection.
  2. Location..? You don't want your traffic going all over the place..
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    ya he does!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1000ms ftwwwwwwwwwww
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  4. Yo OP, I can hook you up with a server in the ISS, only has ~1500ms ping, on a good day.. ;)
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    omg THATS IT? wtf i want 5000ms
    10/10 host?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! 1500ms so op!

    @OP, you're basically describing ReliableSite.
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  6. #200% funny

    around the center of the US would be nice for a good ping just about anywhere. in the US that is. I am in San Diego California.
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    Oh, Psychz maybe? @Psychz-Jimmy
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    Thanks for the recommendation, we have datacenter in both Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX.
  9. i actually looked around a little before posting this and did look at your site.
  10. Try a OVH VPS, big servers use OVH has there ddos protection, I Used them when i was getting attacked around 80Gb/s,

    (I Setup bungee on the vps with 30-70 players, Used the VPS Classic 3)


    Or you can buy a dedicated game server:

  11. looked there to. and supposedly they have a clogged network.
  12. Well a lot of people I Know use ovh for there ddos protection and it works 100% fine,

    Since they went with ovh there server hasn't even gone down for less than 10 seconds during a attack, I Highly suggest going with ovh.

    You can always go with


    Zare use's voxility has there ddos protection and is just as good.

    (Zare is mostly know as Nitrous Network)
  13. that price is more what I'm looking for at under 4 USD a month. even though the bandwidth is kinda low but it is cheap.
  14. RSNET-Radic


    Thank you both for the mention/recommendation. It looks like the OP is looking for shared hosting.
  15. OVH's network isnt the MOST geared on performance (Many servers per switch, Many hops ect) but it isnt that bad. Try to ping an OVH IP to try and see your latency. If its decent (10-30ms), you can buy an OVH vps (Not VPS classic, their kernel does not allow GRE tunneling) and use that.