Spigot Dead Souls 1.3

Simple, Dark Souls inspired tombstone system

  1. @SoulStriker_ Yes, I mean normal server /reload. It is sufficient for initial plugin setup, as long as you restart afterwards, before running the server proper. Since the plugin is not designed to support frequent configuration changes, plugin only reload is out of scope.
  2. How would i go about preventing players from teleporting to their souls? when i negate the perm 'com.darkyen.minecraft.deadsouls.souls.goto' it still allows players to teleport.

    EDIT: nvm i had the teleport perm by mistake.
  3. I have a player that lost his soul, and cannot find it as its stuck inside some blocks. Can you add a command to view the location of a soul for a player so that only
  4. I love this plugin, brings back memories of my RPG days.
    I have a few thougts/ideas that you may find interesting. feel free to check them out :)

    Pros/cons to protecting your items
    There is no realistic reason for anyone to ever "Free their soul" I think it would be interesting to allow servers to provide a debuff for protecting the players items. like a potion effect such as Mining Fatigue or a debuff to health. having this trade off of protecting items in exchange for something else might be some incentive to cut your losses and abandon your items, or chance someone else stealing them. this trade off could help balance death and prevent the plugin for complacently removing the consequences of reckless actions

    Particle trails for soul owners
    I think it would be helpful to have a particle trail leading towards the owner of the soul if they are within a set distance, indicating the owner of the soul. Growing in intensity as the player gets closer and closer to the soul, almost as if its reaching out to its owner with anticipation, waiting to be reunited

    Souls protection countdown
    Notifications sent to a play to via chat or title message to indicate how much longer their soul is protected

    Purchasable Souls protection duration
    You're trying to get back to you soul. but the clock is ticking, youre not going to make it in time, mayble you could spend some cash, or an item currency to prolong your souls protection timer

    Soul leaching
    Having your soul and body apart from each other could be quite taxing, perhaps your hunger would drain, or your health regenerate slower while your soul missing, continuously leaching off your body for nourishment this could tie in with the Pros/cons idea.

    the plugin is a lot of fun as it is my ideas are just thoughts and dead souls doesnt need my input
    I personally really like the idea of your soul being a significant part of your character and being able to leave your soul to guard your items, but a cost. that cost being your overall strength,
  5. Anyone tryed 1.15 ?
  6. Not 1.15 but my Paper Spigot Server runs on Version 1.15.1 and I had actually no Problems with the Plugin.
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  7. Confirmed plugin working flawlessly on 1.15.1 Spigot,
  8. @Sleepy.ca Interesting suggestions!

    All my servers are small, cooperative and non-PvP. In that context, the soul protection makes more sense - it is mostly to prevent others accidentally collecting your items - the protection element for PvP situations is also a factor, but not as large. Freeing your soul makes sense if you want one of your friends that are still alive to collect your items. I agree that this is not that useful on 1-on-1 PvP servers, but it was not made with those servers in mind. You could even disable that for those servers, to reduce visual clutter.

    The idea about a debuff while your soul is protected is interesting, as is the soul leeching. I would have to think about it a bit more, but it makes sense and I like it.

    The soul particles are also a nice idea, though I'm not sure if implementable (with low network/CPU impact). And I'm not sure if I want to make soul searching any easier, since, as you mentioned, the penalty for dying should not be eliminated completely.

    I'm not convinced that the protection countdown would improve things. I could see how a "soul protection ended"/"someone collected your soul" notifications would help, but I usually try to be minimalist with these sorts of messages. I would merge it if somebody coded it up as a configurable feature.

    Spending cash to prolong soul protection - I really don't know about this one. I can see the utility, but I can't justify how it would fit the "lore". And thinking about implementing a button which reads "Pay 20 gold to protect your soul for longer" reminds me of scummy F2P games so much that I really don't want to do it :D It could be interesting as a some sort of ritual you can do, but I would have to think about the specifics.

    All of this gave me another idea: The longer you are alive (with diminishing results), the stronger your soul is and the longer the protection is. It is AFK farmable, but what in MC isn't. I'm not sure if this idea has any utility on servers which rely on soul protection, but I like its "realism".

    @kamutking Thanks for verifying! I was careful to use only supported Spigot API, so unless some large changes happen, the plugin should keep working for a long time.
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