Deadbolt 1.8 Fence Gates not working properly

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  1. Hi,

    i use @md_5 Deadbolt PlugIn on my 1.8.3 Server. I got it from
    However all Fence Gates(old and new ones) are not working properly. It creates the private Sign and the Playername if i place a Sign on the Fence Gate but the protection isn't working. Everyone can go in and out like the sign is not there. Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you

    Plug-Ins on the Server:


    Also my Deadbolt config.yml

    # File to load for messages
    language: english.yml

    # Protections will auto-expire if the player is offline for X days. 0 means never expire.
    auto_expire_days: 0

    # Allows trapdoors to link with each other vertically
    vertical_trapdoors: true

    # Allows furnaces to act like chests, one sign for all connected blocks
    group_furnaces: true

    # Allows dispensers to act like chests, one sign for all connected blocks
    group_dispensers: true

    # Allows cauldrons to act like chests, one sign for all connected blocks
    group_cauldrons: true

    # Allows enchantment tables to act like chests, one sign for all connected blocks
    group_enchantment_tables: true

    # Allows brewing stands to act like chests, one sign for all connected blocks
    group_brewing_stands: true

    # Allows right click placement of signs automatically on the target
    deny_quick_signs: false

    # Clear sign selection after using /deadbolt <line> <text>
    clear_sign_selection: false

    # Denies things such as snowmen opening doors
    deny_entity_interact: true

    # Denies explosions from breaking protected blocks
    deny_explosions: true

    # Denies endermen from breaking protected blocks
    deny_endermen: true

    # Denies pistons from breaking protected blocks
    deny_pistons: true

    # Denies redstone from toggling protected blocks
    deny_redstone: true

    # Denies Hopper Minecart from interacting with protected blocks
    deny_hoppercart: true

    # List of blockIDs protected by redstone unless overrode by [everyone]
    - 64
    - 71
    - 107
    - 183
    - 184
    - 185
    - 186
    - 187
    - 193
    - 194
    - 195
    - 196
    - 197

    # Denies function of the [timer: x] tag on signs
    deny_timed_doors: false

    # Forces timed doors on every protected (trap)door
    forced_timed_doors: false

    # Default delay used with forced timed doors
    forced_timed_doors_delay: 3

    # Enables sound effects on timed doors
    timed_door_sounds: true

    # Gives traditional wood door sounds to silent ones (iron doors)
    silent_door_sounds: true

    # Standard multiplayer color scheme
    # 0 Black 6 Gold c Red
    # 1 Dark Blue 7 Gray d Pink
    # 2 Dark Green 8 Dark Gray e Yellow
    # 3 Teal 9 Blue f White
    # 4 Dark Red a Bright Green
    # 5 Purple b Aqua
    default_colors_private_line_1: '0'

    default_colors_private_line_2: '0'

    default_colors_private_line_3: '0'

    default_colors_private_line_4: '0'

    default_colors_moreusers_line_1: '0'

    default_colors_moreusers_line_2: '0'

    default_colors_moreusers_line_3: '0'

    default_colors_moreusers_line_4: '0'
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