dealing with redstone, farms automation ?how to save server from lag

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  1. Hi guys , i and few friends are doing small minecraft server, for us, but it will be open to everyone to join, i was running small minecraft server, about 4 years ago, for half year or a bit more so i feel comfortable modifying server settings.

    Our goal is to have simple basically vanilla server.

    I am trying to keep management as simple as possible, current plugins we have is :
    Clearlag, essentialsx, Griefprevention, worldborder.

    the only doubts for me (at least at the moment) is redstone stuff, farms and ect. Its big part of the game also players can make lag machines and cause a lot of lag with it, (years ago i just turned off redstone), what is best way to prevent redstone and farms and similar stuff being intentionally or
    unintentionally used to cause problems in server?
  2. Hi. This plugin says it's paid, but if you're using 1.15.2, you can download it for free.
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  3. PaperMC too has an improved redstone function built in. Both @ExtremeSpirit and I's solutions probably won't help against players with massive redstone structures though. That's where only premium plugins go in like LagAssist and React which can automatically halt redstone activity where it gets too laggy.
    I'd recommend using the PaperMC software, and if you can afford it, the resource LagAssist. It should end your problems with redstone. I haven't purchased it yet but the video seems to get at what feature you need.
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