Death auto ban

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  1. Hello,

    I want do make a skript, which ban a player when he dies.

    My code doesn`t make any error, but it won`t work. I can`t find any mistakes. Can someone help me to find the mistake?

    Here is the code:

    Code (Text):
    on death:
        ban the player  by reason of "&cYou died!"
  2. mathhulk

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    Code (Text):
    on death of player:
        ban the player because "reason"
  3. I have found a way:

    Here is the code, which works:
    Code (Text):
    on death:
        kick player due to "&cYou died!"
        ban player due to "&cYou died!"
  4. Player gets kicked if they are banned by the server
  5. I have tried without the kick, but it only works when the skript kicks the player first