Spigot Death bans 1.2

Players that die get banned from certain worlds when they die.

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    Death bans - Players that die get banned from certain worlds when they die.

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  2. Hello! ^:^ , When I die, I respawn in a world, so.... Where is the ban? or is my wrong? :/
  3. Could you send me your config file please?
  4. yes, of course.
    Yes, of course..

    "Here the message when I reconnect!
    And here the config..

    # Length of ban. (In minutes)
    ban-length: 2
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_end
    world: world
    x: -800
    y: 125
    z: 628
    first-banned-message: '&cYou are now death banned for 2 minutes.'
    ban-message: '&cYou are currently death banned. This ban will expire in %time% minutes.'
    unban-message-banned: '&cYour death ban has been cleared by %player%!'
    unban-message-executor: '&cYou cleared %player%''s death ban.'
    ba04c878-7a1a-4c35-828a-e545a5e8cf8d: 1505390257356
  5. This plugin is suposed to use together with some 'multiworld' plugin making it so when you get banned you can still enter certain worlds. Your config sais that if they are death banned they are not allowed in the world names 'world' and get send to the world called 'world' meaning they would still be in the same world. If you want a plugin that stops people from connecting to your server this isn't the plugin you are looking for.
  6. @Mezy
    Can you post your GitHub link in the source section for users.
  7. This plugin is realy outdated so I suggest you re-making it.
  8. Yes that was one of the reasons why I was asking for the source to get a leg up on the process. :)
  9. Did you ever get round to re-making this plugin? Ive been looking all over for another one just like it without any luck :(