Spigot Death Loot - distribute loot according to damages inflicted! 2.0

PvP and PvE loot management enhancement.

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    Death loot protection & Anti in-fight disconnection [1.8-1.15] - Protect loot of death players for killers to prevent stealing and kill in-fight player who log out!

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  2. Hey, nice resource. Always been looking for something similar, but do you think it might also have support for mobs / mythicmobs / any drop loot?
  3. To work the plugin only edit the last line of the item lore, with the item owner and the remaining protection duration. So yes it should work, even I don't have tested it. And if it don't work let me know, I would try to correct the bug :)

    EDIT : I didn't read correctly your message! Currently the plugin only works for players. But I could add support for mobs if it would be useful for you
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  4. Something reads a bit unnaturally to me with "Protect loot of death players for killers to prevent stealing and kill in-fight player who log out!" since you are not an English first language speaker, may I offer. "PVP loot priority and logout protection." I know this really boils down your message, but thank you for offering what sounds like a perfectly reusable solution. Is there a public repository I might beable to review the code or make contributions to?
  5. Thanks for your correction! Currently there isn't any github repo, but I will make one in a near future if you want to contribute :)
  6. Will be amazing if you do that, more features for the plugin! ^^
  7. I updated the ressource yesterday, you can now handle mob drops. If you have a server with my plugin I would be happy to visit it!
  8. Oh yes I have one, but curently is local host so still in construction:D
  9. @Bullobily Could you add support for mythicmobs? Vanilla mobs loot protection works great btw, the problem is that the chat does a lot of spam (the protection message) a cool solution could be using actionbar as message it can be optional. It's up to you I'm just suggesting that ^^
  10. Thanks for great review ;)
    About the chat spam it's strange. I have included a message limitation to 1 per second to avoid spam, and it works great on my test server. Can you send me the config file you use to let me try with your parameters ?
    I will add the actionbar support asap, great idea !
    And I will search infos about mythics mobs drop to see how to hook them.
  11. How do you recommend best testing and configuring this while alone?
  12. I add 2 fake players on my test server with a cracker launcher
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  13. does this support 1.16.3?
    also does it support customdropplugin like KillerMoney or Custom Drops Editor?
  14. I didn't updated this plugin for a while, but I will in a near future. It should handle correctly custom drops, I will check that when I will update DeathLootManager.
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  15. Could you please use actionbar instead of chat messages and make PvE loot drops on ground?