Death Penalty

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  1. EDIT: I meant killing a player penalty


    I'm making a kill-player penalty for Skript but I don't know how to disable all the commands nor disable usage of portals (nether, end). I only know how to disable commands individually and I am clueless on disabling entry of portal. Is there any way to just disable all commands and portals?

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  2. (I don't know how to disable portals, if you have a host that can do that, that's my suggestion! (I suggest for that

    Code (Text):
    on command:
        cancel event
        send "&c&l(!) &7You may not use commands!"
  3. on death:
    set {timer.%killer%} to true​

    every second in "world":
    set {_timer} to "1 second" parsed as a timespan
    set {kill.timer} to "30 seconds" parsed as a timespan
    loop all players:
    if {kill.timer.%loop-player%} is true:
    remove {_timer} from {kill.timer.%loop-player%}
    on command:
    if {kill.timer.%player%} is true:
    message "&8[&c!&8] &7You can not use commands! &b%{kill.timer.%player%}% &7left!"
    cancel event
    Sorry I couldn't put it in CODE format! I was struggling with it! Please don't get mad at me! Good luck, and have fun! I haven't tested it, so tell me if there is an error. If you want, tell me to explain what the code does, but if not, have a blast! Also, I don't know anything about the portal plugin, so I'm sorry that I couldn't incorporate that into the code! :) Have a great Weekend!