Spigot Death Transfer 1.2.0

Transfers the money of your enemies to you when you kill them!

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    Vault Transfer - Transfers the money of your enemies to you when you kill them!

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  2. should it's works on 1.16.1?
  3. Yeah it should, if it gives you any errors let me know so I can fix them
  4. I already it's not working as well, message shows up correctly but hunter didn't get anything. Only victim loses their money.
  5. All right, I will check it out and update it when it is fixed
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    Updated Spigot API to 1.16.1

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  7. Thanks!
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  8. Hi, good plugin, it works perfectly!
    There's just a minor issue that I'd like to report:
    When you kill someone, the message "you received <money> for killing <player> appears correctly, but the number of money results being in the format 1.00000001 instead of rounding it up to the essentials default value (0.01) .

    Also, would be cool adding a "server-take" option that give you the option to set a percentage of the taken value (like 5% out of the 30% the plugin takes from the player) that the server takes from the player, in a way that you can mantain the economy low and balanced.

    Could you look into it? After this, I'll have no problem on giving 5 stars :D
  9. Hello there and sorry for the late response. I will look into the formatting problem, and I didn't quite get your idea of "server-take", so if you could explain it further I will appreciate it. Thank you!
  10. I'll give you an example:
    - player X (0$) kills player Y (1000$)
    - normally he would be paid 333$ (30% of Y balance, as from default config)
    - if the "server-take" option is active, the server will automatically take a percentage from those 333$, for example the 10%.
    - Player X gets 300$ instead off 333$, because the server took 10% of the money.

    Hope it's more clear now,
  11. Thank you for your reply, I think I understood correctly. I don't see why that wouldn't be possible with the current multiplier option.
    Following your example, if you would like that after the 30% is calculated, take 10% from it, considering that 30% is represented as 0.30 and 10% as 0.10, you can multiply them, which gives you 0.03, and then you subtract that amount from the base multiplier which gives you 0.27 as a result. Using 0.27 as the multiplier would be the same as giving 30% and then substract 10% from it.
    Hope it is clear, regards.