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Tell your players where they died, in a simple way.

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    DeathInfo - Tell your players where they died, in a simple way.

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  2. hey, great resource.
    Just wanted to pass a little advice, in case you didn't already know this, to help cut down variable usage, you can get the world of a location/var, ie: world of {var}

    example of how you could cut out that world variable:
    Code (Text):
    on death:
        set {deathLoc::%player%} to location of player
        if world of {deathLoc::%player%} is "world":
            set {deathWorld::%player%::Formatted} to "The Overworld"  
        else if world of {deathLoc::%player%}  is "world_nether":
            set {deathWorld::%player%::Formatted} to "The Nether"
        else if world of {deathLoc::%player%}  is "world_the_end":
            set {deathWorld::%player%::Formatted} to "The End"
            set {deathWorld::%player%::Formatted} to "unknown world"

    another small piece of advice, I recommend deleting the vars at some point, for example, when they leave/quit the server. This helps keep your variable file free of unused variables, for example, if a player dies, the var is set, they quit and never come back. This helps reduce the variables stored for players that never return.
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    Thanks for the feedback, sorry I missed it!

    This was very much a trial and error resource, but I may look at changing it someday haha
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