Spigot DeathMoney ⚔️ 1.3

If the player dies, they lose their money!

  1. eickmung submitted a new resource:

    DeathMoney ⚔️ - If the player dies, they lose their money!

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  2. Hi! I’ve been looking for a plugin like this.

    I do have a few requests, though:
    Could you please add a way to set a specific amount of money lost on death rather than a percentage (e.g., every time a player dies, they lose $10)?
    Also, could you add a way to set a separate amount of money lost for each world? E.g., in world1, players lose $10 when they die, but in world2, they lose $30.

    If you could implement these two features, that’d be fantastic! (y):coffee:
  3. You can review my plugin. Then i will add your request feature.
  4. I was going to review afterwards, but sure, I’ve left a review just now. :)
    I spelt “fantastic” wrong, but whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. Can you make it only for pvp? When player kill other player he gets 10% of his money.
  6. Will be added.
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  7. Nice! Thank you! :)
  8. Hello, I love this plugin!
    Is it possible though to make it compatible with world guard, so than you can decide in which regions players loose money on death or not?
  9. Eeemm yes.... Also please add a reload function to the plugin. That's necessary basic stuff.