Spigot DeathPenalties 1.5.3a

Control the penalties that are applied to players when they die (health, inventory, commands & more)

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    DeathPenalties - More penalties for players when they die

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    Update 1.2

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  3. The plugin does not seem to support the world generated by the MV plugin.
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  4. Thank you for your review and reporting the issue, I am busy right now but I will work on a fix as soon as possible!
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    Update 1.3

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  6. Add the ability to fool mobs at the player’s death place or enter a command.
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  7. Hello, what do you mean by "fooling the mobs" ? Processing commands at death will be added in the next update, thank you for your idea!
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  8. Thank you very much!
  9. See, I thought, if possible, to make a function when a player dies, for example, a zombie appears in its place. But again, this is an individual request and you can not fulfill it.
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  10. Any thoughts on adding a config value that specified what items a player will drop if keepinv is on? :) Also is this 1.14 compatible? Thanks!
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  11. I will think about a nice way to add it into the config, this is also a good idea and it might be added in the next update too ;) However this update will more likely occur when the 1.14 stable build is out. Maybe earlier if I can't hold the wait haha

    EDIT: the mob feature won't be added because this could be done by using for example the /summon command with the incoming the process command option.
    I will also work on this feature thank you!
    Yes the latest build has been tested and works with the latest 1.14 spigot dev build!
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  12. When I respawn after death I am no longer able to harm mobs but they are able to harm me. (no console errors)

    Paper 1.13.2
    DP 1.3

    Here is my config:

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  13. This is happening because the default config effects are applied to you when you respawn (weakness, slowness) but it shouldn't do it looking at your config file. I am investigating on the issue and looking for a fix! Thank you for reporting it!
    The fix will be applied in the next plugin update.

    EDIT: the fix has been applied and it will be available in the next plugin update.
    You can fix the issue now by adding the following line in your config file:
    Code (YAML):
        - SLOW:1:1:false
    This will apply slowness effect during 1 second but this won't affect your gameplay and other effects won't be applied because default values will be overwritten by it :)
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    Update 1.4

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  15. I’d find that kind of feature useful as well :)
    The ability to have a whitelist/always drop economy of gold bags would be cool. It’d also help for a game I have planned :)
  16. What option do you want to add ? You can already drop/remove/give bags of gold with commands and so use the command on death and/or respawn of the DeathPenalties plugin.
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