Spigot DeathRun 1.14.17

MGDeathRun for MinigamesLib

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    DeathRun - DeathRun for MinigamesLib

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  2. Awesome game was fairly easy to set up . I do have a question though , after clicking on the sign to join a game , are you suppose to be held in place until the start of the game ? If I move it goes crazy , real crazy lol , dizzying even .
  3. Hmm okay
    Hmm okay... can you make Some Vids or Screenshots of this an Post this on our BugTraker pls, that we can show.
  4. OK done
  5. and solved :)
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  6. Mystic-City forgot to make some commercials :)

    Closed ALPHA for minigames v2 arriving.
    Date: 20st May 2017 at 08:00 UTC to 21nd May 2017 at 20:00 UTC.
    For participating please send me a private message.
  7. Bit of a noob question, when coding in the permissions node for this plugin, what is the correct game name for the permissions, because when I input the following I still get a no permission error

    - ancient.DeathRun.reload

    I am using essentials group manager.
  8. Hi.

    permissions are described in Wiki: https://github.com/MysticCity/MinigamesAPI/wiki/Permissions
    You are able to manipulate the permissions prefix in config.yml (entry "config.permissions_game_prefix") So the prefix "ancient" may be changed by config.

    Please notice that we use the lower cased game name internally. Bukkit/Spigot do some lowe case too but some permission plugins do not handle it correctly.
    Maybe the permission "ancient.deathrun.reload" helpssolves the problem.

    And please use the github tracker for support requests :)
  9. lol i thought this plugin is the real Deathrun plugin that i was looking for. You wonder what i meant by real Deathrun plugin aren't u ? well here is my answer. What i meant is that there is some traps while the survivors running and there is some people pressing buttons to activate the traps same as garry's mods
  10. Any feature requests can be reported at github.
  11. well first thanks for your replies and i have a question. Does Arcade.jar plugin just shows up when i install MinigamesLib in the server or its inside MinigamesLib already ? and how i can use it ? and can the plugin start another game after the first one finished ?