Spigot DeathTotems v1.2.1

A Custom Inventory Restoring Plugin

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    DeathTotems - A Custom Inventory Restoring Plugin

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  2. Looks great!
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  4. would it be possible to create a totem for entities other than the player?
  5. Interesting question o_O
    In your mind, what would be the use of a death totem for, let's say, a mob? :unsure:
  6. Villagers inventories
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  7. A new idea:
    Lengthen the time for totem to disappear, and make the totem be able to be taken by anyone beyond the set time
    Such as:A totem will be dissappeared in 3 minutes,but it can be taken by anyone after 2 minutes.
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  9. Both of these aren't really bugs.
    The first one is intentional, and the second thing about the gamerule is also normal, that's why you need to enable inventoryKeep. (Normally the plugin does this automatically, but I can't help if it's changed again afterwards)
  10. Hello, very nice plugin! I love it! But I have a request, is it possible to delete the items enchanted with Curse of vanishing?
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  11. Can I disable it in some worlds?
  12. This feature will be in the next update. It was already on my list.
  13. First sorry for my English.
    I came to report an error, when a player dies in a block where there was originally lava, the coffin items are lost, when the player tries to break the coffin the block where the coffin was generated goes back to being lava again, burning all the items.
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  14. Thanks. Will be fixed next update!
  15. Hi.

    I am recently working on a plugin which allows players to die without dropping items in a specific area. Now I found there are some conflicts between my plugin and the DeathTotems. I have no idea about how to resolve these conflicts because there is no source code for reference. So many strange things will happen after the players' death because of the conflicts. The only thing I want to do is to disable the death event handlers from Totems when a player dies in the area. And the handlers can come back if the player is not in the area.

    I don't want the source code but a way to solve my problem. Thank you so much ;)
  16. This probably isn't possible in the current version of DeathTomems cause there is no API and there's no way to cancel a player death event, you can always come to my Discord server / DM on me Discord to talk about it though. :)
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  17. I wanted to report another bug.
    When the player dies and the grave is generated and he doesn't break it, he needs to wait 30 minutes to generate a grave again, but when that happens and he dies, all the items end up in his inventory, so in that 30 minute period he can die as many times as he wants so that his items do not leave his inventory.
    Sorry for my inglesh, did you undersand?
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  18. The intentional behavior is difficult to understand in some ways. Is there any way to disable it?