Spigot DeathTotems v1.2.1

A Custom Inventory Restoring Plugin

  1. Not at the moment. If you're talking about the fact that the totem of a player will disappear when he/she disconnects, it was made cause leaving the totem of offline players caused a few problems, so we (the original client and I) decided to fix it like this.

    As for the keepInventory rule, this is just a core rule that the plugin needs enabled to work. Don't think there's much I can do about that, sorry. ^^'
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  2. Hey there loving the plugin so far, found a bug when using death totem materials that break in water: flowers, flower pot, ETC. If you drown and die in water the totem will be broken and the totem materials will float up to the surface leaving the hologram in the water and losing all of your items. I'm using a flower pot with a lily of the valley as my totem and I'm assuming it would do the same for the wither rose without the pot? But I'm assuming the plugin works as intented with a more solid block that can't be broken by water.

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  3. OliPulse updated DeathTotems with a new update entry:

    v1.2.0 - Support for 1.16.1

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  4. Always loved this plugin! Is there any way to add a "PVPdeathdisable: true/false" so if a player is killed by a player the items drop without safety?
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  5. Do you support opening or closing a certain world now?
  6. Woops, while adding all of the new features last update I actually overlooked the very first suggestion. Expect it soon.
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  7. One of the nicer quality-of-life plugins I've used so far!

    Couple of things that would be nice:
    • Ability to not allow "restoring" of players items - force them to recover it
    • Experience is not lost at all when dying - it would be nice if that was either a) dropped like normal, or b) saves it (or a % of it?)
    Thanks and keep up the great work!
  8. OliPulse updated DeathTotems with a new update entry:


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  9. hi, there is any way to disable this plugin in specific areas?
  10. No, you can only disable it in certain worlds since the last update.
  11. When will be the next update of 1.16.4 ?? :DDDDDD
  12. I have not officially tested this yet but I believe the plugin should already work on 1.16.4. Please do let me know if this isn't the case, either here on in our Discord. Thank you!
  13. If the items in the tombstone generated for the first time after the player dies are not retrieved, if there are items in the backpack and dies the second time, the first tombstone will be cleared directly, and the items in the first tombstone cannot be retrieved. Back, it will be directly replaced by the tombstone of the second death. I hope to allow multiple tombstones instead of one tombstone, which will cause the player's items to be permanently lost.
  14. Minor issue with this in relation to Citizens. If a Citizen NPC dies, they get a death totem because they are Player entities. I actually like that but it has the unfortunate side effect of having them lose their inventories permanently. Is it possible to detect which Players are "fake" (Citizens) and automatically restore their inventories if they respawn within the time limit of the death totem?
  15. Oh wow, interesting. I'll put this on my suggestion list but it's unlikely I'll make this anytime soon because of how niche it is and how busy I am. Also I wouldn't even be sure how to detect 'fake' citizen players..
    However DeathTotems is open sourced and anyone can add it, make a pull request and I'll review and accept it. :p
  16. Hey there! my players are having an issue where they die more than once (classic minecraft death spirals) and its causing their original totems to break (and I had it set to drop:false which was worse)

    Could you make a configurable amount of totems for players so that they could have multiple gravestones going at a time?
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  18. DeathTotems /restore command overlap with /restore command from WorldEdit.
    Can you add an option to rename the command please?
  19. A small problem:
    This plugin will load in front of the MlutiverseCore, and it will not be able to get the world that settled in config
    Only when player run command to reload the plugin, it will work correctly. Hope to fix it. XD
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