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  1. Hey is anyone else having trouble with the debug stick in 1.13? I can't seem to get it to do anything but I haven't seen anyone else complain.
  2. Yeah some dude on my server is having trouble with that too ;)
  3. Agree, not working, must be a build of spigot, hmm
  4. turns out, after much testing it wasnt a problem with spigot, it was a problem i think with MultiVerse.
    We tried it with a fresh build of spigot and had no issues, it was definitely another plugin causing the issue
  5. I am not using Multiverse
  6. Optic_Fusion1

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    list your plugins
  7. @Optic_Fusion1
    Code (Text):

    CoreProtect, WorldEdit, LiquidTanks,
    PlaceholderAPI, PlugMan, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, PowerlessLamps,
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI, LoreAttributesRecoded, VoxelSniper, PermissionsEx,
    FeatherBoard, CrazyAdvancementsAPI, Zenchantments, mcMMO, CS-CoreLib,
    Vault, F3Name, BloodInMinecraft, CrazyEnchantments, HyperDrive,
    ArmorStandTools, AnimatedNames, Clickssentials, HeadDatabase, Citizens,
    TradeMe, SafariNet, CT-Core, Slimefun, FurnitureLib,
    SlimefunLuckyBlocks, BetterRTP, SoulJars, DiceFurniture, RPG-Discovery,
    Essentials, Towny, ExtraHeads, PrivateStorage, CMI, ChestTerminal,
    CitizensCMD, WG-Operations, WorldGuardExtraFlags, VentureChat,
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