Debugger for chunks?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by MineAdmin, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Got a server with various chunks "broken" (with broken I mean when a user pass through them their FPS drops to zero), tried everything with them: Region fixer, regenerate, copy and paste with MC edit to a new map. That last solution solved it, but after some minuts of the server online these chunks re-break again.

    So I dont know what is doing that, if its a plugin, the chunk itself, or if its spigot. For that, someone know some kind of debugger where I can log what is happening on all chunks?

    Thanks for your answers guys.
  2. I've worked with corrupted chunks many times across multiple servers. The best way to debug or figure out is to watch the console as the error happens (A players enters the chunk). It'll give the location of the chunk and you can from there.
  3. Is there an error that spams and the server crashes?
  4. There is a couple of stacktraces, you'll probably get a bunch of warnings about wrong located chunks before the error. Best way to find these is navigating it in the server.log
  5. Nope, got no errors on log. Checked with timings, and when a user enter on these areas, the event "sync ChunkLoad" start loading a lot.