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  1. At some point in time today, our NoCheatPlus decided to go haywire and create a lot, and I mean a LOT of "Latency Lag." Which I mean when you removed a block, it would reappear. Our TPS were hitting 19-20. We couldn't figure out why. We unloaded NoCheatPlus with PlugMan and all the issues went away.

    I've heard a lot of people complain about NoCheatPlus causing a lot of issues. The only main issue I have had is redoing the config to get all the new settings, then reset the settings to my liking. As far as I know, I'm missing settings that are not there, or something in itself has gone over board.

    I'd like to try out another anti-cheat or two to see if going to a different one is preferred.
  2. Puremin0rez


    I miss the old days of standard NoCheat

    Worked perfect without useless checks.
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  3. md_5

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    I should update my Nocheat-legacy to 1.4.7. Its the standard nocheat but working. 0 other changes.
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  4. Puremin0rez


    I'm pretty sure a "MD_5 Cheat" would be a pretty amazing and popular thing :)

    Everything you touch and create appears to be magic.
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  5. Nocheat legacy FTW \o/
  6. SuperSpyTX


    My question is this.

    Does NoCheat legacy work anymore these days? Does it block some of the hacks that are in modern hack clients today (namely nuker, fly, and not the stuff that got implemented way later)?

    I'm just curious, no hard judgement here.
  7. Absolution


    Happened to me as well. The only thing that solved it was setting the strict mode option on the config to false. That way it won't be so hard on checking fastbreaking of blocks :p
  8. You sure this issue comes from NoCheatPlus? It could also be another plugin that is interesting with it somehow. A NoLagg examine file would be interesting to have.

    What do you mean with "useless"? NoCheatPlus is meant to be the continuation of the old NoCheat. What NoCheatPlus has that NoCheat leaks of:
    - A fully working GodMode check based on ndt (no damage tick)
    - Patched BedFly exploit
    - Better checks against Forcefields/Killauras and such
    - Passable against NoClip
    - FastClick against chest stealers and other instant inventory hacks
    - Prevents water walking...
    - Smart antispam features
    - Much better FastBreak check
    - Included NoPwnage (from Evenprime) against bots and other annoying stuff
    - More advanced lag adaptation for some checks
    - Actual exemption API and support for mcmmo, Citizens2 and some other plugins (CompatNoCheatPlus)
    - Rewritten FastHeal check
    - New NoFall check
    - WrongBlock, Frequency and Reach against nukers
    - And a lot more...
    Here are the 2 features lists:

    NoCheat was awesome back in the old times but if you want to use it now then you will need to make some additions and bug fixes for sure.
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