Decent PSU and Graphics Card.

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  1. So I am looking for a new PSU as I will be upgrading my graphics card.

    I bought my PC pre-built and at the time I though a 185w PSU would be fine. However looking around at some graphics cards they all recommend at least a 400-500w PSU.

    I am just wondering if anyone knows any decent ones. I'm looking to spend £20 - £40, and don't want to go too cheap or too expensive. If I go for a cheap one, there's high chances that it might blow out within a few months, and I certainly don't want that happening.

    I am looking to get a GTX 960, not sure which model though. I believe they need about a 400w-500w PSU. I have heard that the R9 280 are better (they are cheaper too), is that true? I also believe that the R9 300 series is going to be released/announced soon, should I wait for that as that might put a dent in the prices of graphics cards? For the graphics card I am looking at spending £100 - £150, does anyone recommend one other than the ones listed here for the price?

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  2. I've got this one and an i7 4790 with a 600w PSU. 300-1500fps Minecraft and 100+ with SEUS ultra shaders, I'm gonna buy GTA V and try that soon.
  3. The 960 is a very nice card for higher-end 1080p gaming.
    If you don't need the performance, the R7 260X is the sweetspot for 1080p gaming at the moment, if you don't mind playing on "not the absolute maximum" settings.
  4. I would argue it's the 270X depending on the processor
  5. Well there is no R7 270X, though the R9 270X is pretty sweet too.
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