Decompil Minecraft Plugin

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  1. Hi, I want to decompil a plugin but when I import the plugin in my workspace I have a lot of error because I have that in my code

    Code (Text):
    this.val$newPiece != null
    Please help me I really need to compil it
  2. If you google Java decompilers online, the first one you come to should have multiple decompile options try different decompilers as some decompile more completely than others.

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  3. Java decompiler like jd-gui, working and corresponding to your ask
  4. Yeah, jd-gui is for me the best option. But if the plugin is obfuscated this wouldn't work as well.
  5. [​IMG]
    Working you say?

    Don't decompile. Learn the language and rewrite it.
  6. Eh, depending on what he's doing if the plugin was abandoned or needed an update reinventing the wheel is kind of a waste of time. There's been plenty of time I've hacked a fix into a plugin to fix an issue that the original author was slow to or would not fix themselves.

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  7. Read my answer....