Decrease TPS instead of overloading the CPU

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Zsigio, May 7, 2019.

  1. Hi! I'm not really at home in server hosting, and I'm currently renting a server at a hosting, so what I'm asking might not be possible.

    My issue is, that the Minecraft install at the hosting I'm currently at is set up the way, that if there's a higher load on the server, it won't go below 19.98 tps, but restart immediately for cpu overload. And it also sucks, because I don't have a very powerful server, but usually don't need high performance, but when I do need, it's really awkward. I've tried contacting the hosting, but it seems like they weren't been able to figure it out. Also looked around on the forums, but wasn't able to find a solution, so I'm asking here.

    Is there any way I can bring my tps down instead of overloading the server?

    CPU limit: 1960 Mhz
    Memory: 1068 Mb
    Game Version: Spigot 1.13.2
    Usually my CPU usage is around 30-60%
    Only got worlddedit and a few lightweight custom coded vanilla datapacks.

  2. For a hosting company to say : our TPS never gets below 19.98, .. that's a great solution for them.

    It means they're a shit hosting company.

    Time to move, that will solve your problem.
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  3. Anything above 17tps is workable. Also this host doesn't sound great.
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  4. That's quite ridiculous honestly. There are loads of ways for a host to limit CPU usage, to prevent overloading. For example, with Docker you can configure that a process can only use a certain amount of its CPU power. No matter how stresful this process is, it cannot use more than a certain amount of CPU power. That means that you can lag the hell out of your own server, without any other servers on the same machine (same CPU) even noticing anything. :p

    As Floris said, this simply sounds like a bad host, and I'd recommend moving to a different one.
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  5. Thanks much!
    That's what I was planning on doing as well, but I wanted to make sure first that the jerk in this story isn't me.
  6. Now you have taken the right choice.
    What's your alternate hosting choice?