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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by xxToxicGuyxx, May 4, 2015.

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  1. Does a ovh vps have a dedicated ip

    im buying vps classic 8g server

    Does it come with a dedicated ip
  2. Yes
  3. So i dont have to purchase one
  4. MikeA

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    All VPS come with a dedicated IP, if it didn't, you wouldn't be able to use the server.
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  5. I have seen plenty of cheap vps that come with an IPv6 address and a shared IPv4.
    But when purchasing a vps, rule of thumb is it's going to have its own IPv4 address unless specified otherwise.
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    I'm talking about real hosting providers.
  7. Well with the depletion of IPv4 address its nice to see some innovative products.
  8. Can we get back on wht i asked

    do i need to pay so when they connect they connect like this NO PORT
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  9. MikeA

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    You can use whatever port you want if you have an IP on a VPS, just enter it in your on your MC server. 25565 is the default port.
  10. I think you're referring to a domain. A domain costs money, and is not provided when you buy a VPS.
  11. If you have the domain then no you'll just need a simple A record.

    Minecraft will look up the record from the domain and then take the IP and connect to it with the default port of 25565.
    So assuming you setup an A record for the domain and on the VPS with that IP the server is running on port 25565 then you wont need people to specify a port because minecraft will automatically connect on the 25565 port.

    I hope I've answered your question :)
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  12. People like you are what makes this community what it is today. No matter how basic or vague the question is, you write a detailed response just to help this one person today. Thanks dude :)
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  13. I have a domain om just wondering if it comes with a dedicated ip so when i connect i dont have to use a port
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    A dedicated IP comes with your VPS.

    Port 25565 = Dedicated IP.[/QUOTE]
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  15. Dont get what you mean
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  16. Ferx


    Is he a troll :/?
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  17. What domain company are you using?
  18. No i just want to know if i buy a vps and link my vps ip to my domain

    And then connect to my server using that ip will i have to use a port
  19. ^ was not very helpfull
  20. Does the VPS have a dedicated IP address?
    Each VPS has a public IPv4 and a public IPv6 address.

    Customers can order up to 16 additional geolocated IPv4 addresses on VPS Cloud at any time.

    That is straight off I got that information from using google, heres how I did it.

    1) In your search bar type
    2) Type your question into the Google search bar
    3) Look at your results
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