Dedicated or VPS

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  1. Dedicated

    Xeon E3-1245 v5 3.5ghz 4core
    32gb DDR4
    256gb ssd

    ExtraVM KVM VPS

    140gb ssd
    10gb DDR4

    I wonder which one is more suitable for single 1 .15 semi-vanilla server.

    server info

    40-50 players
    30000x30000 world
    view-distance : 4
    40 plugins (not heavy)
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  2. Unfortunately i can't seem to view the images.

    Information on how many players, etc. could be useful too.


    What are the core amount of the VPS, are the cores dedicated too?
    In terms of single core performance the I7 would be better than the Xeon. (Minecraft servers are primarily single threaded).
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  3. The VPS i7 is the better choice here.

    Since its only a a semi-vanilla and you havent stated a rough plugin count, player count, world size, etc etc. This is more than enough.
    It'll do the job without question. You won't need 32gb of RAM, and the SSD size is wasted anyways.
  4. 4cores I guess. I'm not sure It's dedicated.
  5. This could be a problem depending on if the cores are shared, as the other vps's could interfere with performance of your minecraft server.
    Could you maybe throw a link to vps? I may be able to look into if it's shared if you're not able to.
  6. SmartSelect_20200120-021116_Samsung Internet.jpg
  8. Since I've never really heard bad about ExtraVM and their performances, I don't think you should worry.
    Think their 4 cores are dedicated, not entirely sure tho, as I can't find them stating that on their page.

    Many people on here recommend them.

    Why don't just go with one of their Minecraft plans?
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  9. Hello, if you choose between two offers the first will be sufficient after the best is the second: D