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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a dedicated server for a network, preferably 32GB or more. I'd prefer a 1GBPS network, rather than 250mbps.

    ReliableSite is an option for us, but just wanting to know if anyone has any other suggestions.
  2. OVH is the only one I know that offer actual game level protection aka layer 7 DDoS protection on their GAME range. That doesn't costs you hundreds a month premiums.

    Everywhere else pretty much offer ONLY layers 3 and 4 which are networking and protocol protections respectively. So they will not defend you should the attacks' are sophisticated directly to the game in question. In this case Minecraft.
  4. Budget? Location?
  5. Fair enough, but isn't OVH only 250 Mbps?

    $150 CAD per month, although a lower-priced option with the same specifications of the higher price is appealing, preferably NA-East. I forgot to mention, but we have a player base of over 50.
  6. OVH:1Gbps
    Ksumifu or whatever the heck that sub sub of the brand called is the one that only offer 250Mbps

    And pricing and quality of service is in the similar order generally speaking.
  7. DiscoverSquishy


    If I'm being completely honest. I've been a customer of Hetzner, OVH and SYS for the past 3 years about to become 4. OVH definitely wins over SYS in terms of performance but opposite in terms of pricing. Obviously I'm assuming you can afford 80-99 USD servers so ReliableSite is your top choice at this point especially since their network is 1GBPS. I've recently been a customer with them for the past two months and I've fully migrated from SYS to Reliable.
    It's damn fast and their support is stellar. Much more than what I can say for OVH who won't assist you even if you call their support number.

    Now that I've done enough non-paid advertising for ReliableSite.. Hetzner is still an option, gonna be honest here... The only good service that they have/offer is their cloud thing. I'd use that for your website/forum or even panel. It's fast and great but I can't say the same for their bare metals if I'm being honest.

    Best of luck <3
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  8. Wrong, SYS is 250Mbps according to their site.

    Thanks for the information. I'm probably going to end up going with RS.
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  9. iirc SYS do actually give you 500mbps ports on new servers

    But you don't even need 100mbps for 50 players, you'll only use like 20mbps max
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  10. It seems a bit strange they wouldn't update their website.
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  11. You are correct however a bigger pipe does help with remote backing up and botting at the game level that the DDoS system might misses.
  12. If someone's bot attacking you, they can do that with <50mbps very easily, having another 250mbps won't help
  13. Ahh got you hopefully that will never happen but still I take some precautions in case I am botted as much as possible.
  14. Any other suggestions?

    I've looked at ReliableSite, OVH/SYS, OneProvider, just unsure of who to go with.
  15. Hello, the SYS bandwidth limit is officially 250mbp/s and Kimsufi 100mbp/s then OVH is between 500mbp/s and 10gbp/s. It was meant to change for SYS but only OVH changed by the end of it. However, on SYS there is quite a number of servers which have 1gbp/s both upload and download (it's limited but there is a good amount) and the majority of SYS servers these days are 250mbp/s upload and 1gbp/s download. Obviously the only guaranteed speed is 250mbp/s but bursting on download is common place. As said though, you probably wont need the full port speed for this purpose.

    I'd say possibly take a look at SpartanHost -, they don't have much in stock right now so you would need to contact sales but their port speed is 1gbp/s (average 900mbp/s+ in my testing over numerous months) and servers in TX and WA. DDoS protection is upgradeable also. Avoid OneProvider in my opinion at all costs - easier to go with the datacenter. Hope this helps.
  16. DiscoverSquishy


    The fact of just having the extra speed abilities is a nice thought to have while owning a server, especially if you're paying a sorta big commitment - It's always best to just go all out instead of 'steadily upgrading'.. because why not?
    As for using SYS as a whole, I mean SYS itself is great but the issue comes with the server's itself. If you call up OVH's support center and ask about the difference between OVH and SYS I bet they'd start that SYS are just old servers. Not there isn't any problem with that as I used to be running on one for around 3 years. But I did realize a significant increase in r/w speeds, download and upload.. pretty much everything. So that extra 20-30 bucks by using OVH is definitely worth it.

    I mean should you really care how big the attack is if your protecting yourself properly? Setting up good security, installing precautionary plugins such as anti-bot, not allowing VPN connections (not that it does a difference), blocking all unused ports, IPWhitelist. TCPShield. You'd honestly be perfectly good if your setup and host is good. OVH and ReliableSite for this example have stellar DDOS protection. ReliableSite throughout their whole selection and OVH with their GAME categories.
    In a case where your not the type to go a step further and having your server professionally setup for performance and security.. OVH does have their anti-hack feature (which might I add has saved my networks from insane damage) which locks down your server as soon as someone/something has hacked in and puts it on RESCUEFTP for you to grab your files and reinstall... hopefully with the right security mindset this time..
    PS: Haven't been hacked on ReliableSite yet (not that I ever hope I do) but I can't exactly confirm if ReliableSite offers the same 'anti-hack' feature that OVH does, (haven't been hacked when I used to use SYS either so cant confirm).

    Not to hate or anything <3, but I honestly think if a newcomer doesn't go with a host that's not as publicly known as the big ones such as OVH, SYS, ReliableSite. Nothing's wrong with that but, it'd be faster anyways rather than requesting an actual server, from what it seems to be the case on SpartanHost's website.
  17. Don't use until you've exhausted every other option

    Source on this? I've never seen this mentioned, and can't find anything about it on their website. Wondering how they'd detect your server's been hacked - I don't really want them turning everything off if I log in via a VPN.

    They seem fine - colocated hardware w/ wowrack in seattle & psychz in carrier-1, they do BGP too (and offer sessions to dedicated server users) which is a nice touch, many MC hosts don't. Only thing that would put me off them is that they do Discord support
  18. DiscoverSquishy


    Being honest, doesn't really affect the latency.. Try getting into TheArchon.

    I could get a recent screenshot if you'd like. It's not if you login via VPN smh... It's lets say if it's being brute forced or if your sending out a DDOS attack as a botnet victim. You do realize that OVH is more advanced than to just shut down your server if a different location logged on.

    Partially agree with you there, Discord support is honestly fine but to an extent. It just depends on who's actually supporting the client etc... Especially how the ticket data is handled. Honestly for a network Discord support would probably be the best and fastest choice if something bad were to go wrong.
  19. It does affect the latency, even if its by a few ms if you're using OVH. It also adds another point of failure - if they go down you go down also, so why add extra layers that carry more risk if you don't need them?


    You will always be brute forced 24/7. It's just impossible not to be - it's the background noise of the internet, and it can be completely ignored if you have SSH keys setup, because quite frankly, a random Chinese computer in a botnet spamming admin/admin every 10 minutes isn't going to cause any harm to me.

    Last time I saw a server hacked and sending out DDoS attacks they just emailed the owner

    From what I can tell from searching around on LET (OVH don't have anything about it at all on their website), they just notify you of outgoing DDoS attacks - if someone were to hack my server and just start pulling data, install a backdoor or something else that isn't loud, OVH wouldn't do anything - or know at all since they don't have a monitoring agent on your server.

    Discord support is commonly associated to shithosts because proper hosts know that you'll end up being spammed by people saying HEY I SEE YOU'RE ONLINE PLAYING X RESPOND TO MY TICKET NOW @person1 @person2 @person3 @person4 @person5
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