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  1. Actually I have 2 dedicated machines. 3 principal servers and Bungee on the first, and 8 hardcore games rooms on the second.
    1 - SP-64 from OVH (E5-1620v2 CPU, 64GB of RAM)
    2 - E3-SSD-3 from SYS (E3-1245v2 CPU, 32GB of RAM)
    I'm having some troubles with the processor. I use BungeeCord, and he consume a lot of CPU, so, sometimes I have lag spikes on the servers that are on the same machine of the Bungee.
    If I buy a MG-128 from OVH (2x E5-2650v2 CPU), I will gain performance ?
    Is the MG-128 better than SP-64 and E3-SSD-3 together?

    I shall be grateful if you can help me :D
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    Run bungee on it's own server, DO NOT put it on the spigot servers!
    I host Bungee from a SP-64 from OVH and my spigot servers on 2x 2013 6 core servers 64GB RAM (forgot name)
  3. Why you recommend to run BungeeCord and Spigot servers on separate machines? You really just run BungeeCord on a server which costs you 100€/month?
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    My bungee uses a lot of CPU, $109 is nothing to stop lag.
    When my bungee was on the same node as other servers the other servers started to lag, Bungee was using all the CPU.
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  5. This is true, bungeecord uses a lot of CPU and is best recommend to put on its own separate server. It does not need to be expensive but it should be good enough to handle your user count.
  6. You has most $
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    OVH is cheap, there 64GB plan will host 1000 players connected through the proxy.