Dedicated Server Crash need help!

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  1. Hello Spigotters :D ,
    Dear friends / server owners / big programmers .. i have an issuse and i need to fix it :
    starter i will explain it :
    [so iam a programmer in a server and they have ryzen 9 5900x , 64gb ram etc .. : from a known host i guess [dashflo] , so we had a livestream a couple day's ago on Friday 2 oct and 24 Sep .. <
    we had 2 livestream we got more than 130 player's each and we Didn't got any lag / Cpu overuse / Tps drop / player's DIDNT GET KICKED and in htop the cpu was normal 20% and ram was only 25% ..
    everthing was smoth until the dedicated crashed [i tried to search in logs / crash folders didnt find anything useful and i did talked to the host owner he made a check for the machine and it took 1 day in the end they said its finished and they didnt find any failure .. ] and we can't open it for 10 min after that i Opned it again and started the server's again its crashed when 130 player's joined Again but ! :
    3 day's ago we had another youtuber doing a livestream we got 88 player's .. and we didnt get any crash or lag soo i tried debugging my plugins and its well optimized even so , if its 'bad' it won't crash the dedicated server! .
    it will only crash the mc server or am i wrong?]

    second :so iam thinking about switching host to ovh / hetzner !

    our specs that we have rn :
    1- RYZEN 9 5900X 12 core
    2- RAM 64GB DDR4
    3-1Gbps port
    4- 512NVME

    And i know its all about plugins / programming this is not the first server i work for .. i worked in other server's before and they handled more than 300 Player's easly..
    we use DashFlo for 3 month's , i dont say that they are bad we had a bad experince with them they have amazing price and i know some people had good expirence with them soo ..
    we are looking for a new host our budget is 100-180$ per month
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  2. Add me on Discord, I would like to discuss / help you more without the need to wait for replies on the forum: MaGiiK#2635
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  3. you discord is wrong i cant add you
  4. I left a number out somehow? IDK. I typed that response from my phone. Try again.
  5. OVH will always be the best option if youve got the money for it

  6. Maybe is no the host, could it be a DDOS Attack? Or Maybe someone with Cheats that has placed a crash book/sign/block?

    Try maybe to install "ClearLag" plugin to see if there are any bugged chunks that could cause the server to crash.