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  1. We are a big network which have to be able to host servers with 200 players.
    We have a server with 32gb ram and a Intel Xeon E7-2686v4 .
    The problem is that when there is a lot of people (150) playing skywars (skywars reloaded) , it gets laggy and it doesn't matter if we put more ram to that server.
    The plugins that this server has are 30 and most of them are just messages, or announcers.
    Can you give advice, send me machines or dedicated, that work okay under this situation.
  2. GoDaddy has good dedicated servers you can check out
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  3. Are you using a 3rd party application to host your server? If not I would recommend upgrading your CPU.
  4. wayyyy to many cores, wayyy to slow. go for less cores more speed.
    just no, forget about godaddy.
  5. What do you recommend more cores or more speed per core?
  6. Can you send me your skype or something to talk about this?
  7. If it's not the RAM (you've verified this with a plugin like Essentials or LagMeter) and it's not the CPU being overloaded, then I recommend breaking out Spigot timings. We use this all the time when troubleshooting customer servers when they complain of lag and it's amazing. You'll be able to find exactly what is causing lag on your server so you can address it directly rather than playing the guessing game.
  8. no I will not give you my skype. not only do they crash randomly, but their pricing is horrendous. Bad value, bad performance, bad support, and godaddy sells your information. stay clear.
  9. That CPU isn't really suited for Minecraft due to its poor single thread performance.
    Do you have any specific budget and location requirements for the machine?
  10. waaaaat your telling me godaddy isn't good?
  11. That processor is not made for what you're doing with it. Even if it's not the problem here I'd suggest going with something faster and cheaper. A modern E3 or i7 would be great for Minecraft and 32GB of RAM.

    RAM usually isn't the issue once you get to the point you're at. Check your IO and CPU percentages. If you're bouncing off 100% constantly on one core that's a sure sign of an issue.

    More than likely though you have a plugin/script that's causing issues. It's hard to tell without seeing some actual performance numbers and resource usage.
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  12. [​IMG]
    £140/mo for something worth £10/mo is not good.
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  13. GoDaddy is terrible from what I heard. Maybe they're good for those really basic things such as domain names and such, but for hosting I would suggest to get a better host like OVH or ReliableSite.
  14. 40 -79 dollars and somewhere with a good ping for southamericans.
  15. Try DigitalOcean, I've been using them and I haven't had any problems. I even installed pterodactyl panel on it and it's pretty speedy
  16. Pebble Host is a good hosting company, their service and prices are great.
  17. Would be wiser to invest into a better cpu such as a i7 6700k / 7700k and the xeon e3 cpu's
  18. Some people...

    I would recommend using either the i7-4790K or even better would be the i7-7700k from webtropia (cheaper) or ovh (better ddos protection). I’m currently using an i7-7700k server from webtropia and so far i haven’t had any problems.
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  19. SoYouStart is one of the ovh brands and the prices of their game servers are similar to webtropia prices. :)
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  20. What's wrong with DigitalOcean?

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