Dedicated Server for a few servers

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a good dedicated for a network, more or less would have 6 servers and possibility to add another.
    I have seen this dedicated don't know if to hold serve at least 6 servers without lag, also if you can recommend another company I would appreciate you.

    The dedicated is :
    My maximum budget would be 40-45 EUR monthly.

  2. I recommend game servers from ovh, if you want to protect against DDOS. If not, you can use the Hetzner, they are cheaper
  3. The OVH Is expensive and it's out from my budget. Hetnez is OK, but I think is similar to offer in soyoustart
  4. As far as I know, hetzner cheapest. One minus - there is no protection against DDoS
  5. And if your server will be DDoS, they will block your server.
  6. But in the soyoustart also offer DDoS protection.
  7. soyoustart reseller ovh
  8. You've tried soyoustart?
    In Hetzner you refer to the Auction servers?
  9. I tried SoYouStart, OVH, Hetzner. Used simultaneously ovh and hetzner. On hetzer buying auction. No setup fees
  10. RSNET-Radic


    No. They are the same company. SoYouStart sells OVH's old hardware.
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  11. What say about the server that I mentioned, if it would be good for what I do.

    Also I see in Hetzner a server with Intel Core i7-3770 with 32GB RAM
  12. Its a good server what about cost?