Dedicated server guide?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Relinquished, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Relinquished


    I'm thinking of purchasing a dedicated server in the next few weeks.

    I've always used a shared host, which has worked great for my servers of 10-50 players. However, I've recently come across an awesome deal and would like more flexibility.

    Is there a guide or something? I know the very basics, like FTP, root access, ect., but that's about it.
  2. Google and learn it first by using a vps or virtualbox VM
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  3. Relinquished


    This is good advice, I was hoping for a guide though. Obviously I'm also googling and learning on my own, but I was hoping the community here could help me out a bit ;)
  4. Of course :). I'd say if you know the basics you could go ahead get the server and ask any questions you have here :).
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    Before anyone can give you tips, you need to state what operating system to plan to use. Linux is a general term, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, there's very different. I myself use and prefer CentOS, but many people here prefer Ubuntu.
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  6. Relinquished


    I was thinking of Debian or CentOS. Leaning torwards CentOS so let's say I'm going with that for now :)

    Sorry about not mentioning that earlier, that should of been common sense.
  7. I used both CentOS and Ubuntu (which is based on Debian) at the start, I found Ubuntu easier to start off with but CentOS is a good choice too. Both have an extensive userbase and help available online. Ubuntu even has it's own StackExchange site; AskUbuntu.
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  8. You forgot Debian! (If im not mistaken there is a mineos or somethibg too?)
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  9. MineOS is runs under Debian 4 or 5
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  10. I manage 2 dedicated servers running debian and a few vps instances running other applications if you need help or have questions regarding different aspects feel free to pm
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  11. This is in general a great website to get tips from . But yea they're basically the same as a vps, you don't really need to treat them differently unless you want to do something like have your own esxi box to virtualize your stuff so that you can migrate and change stuff easily in which case I can give you a quick and dirty run down on teamspeak with or teamviewer (anything of that sort really). Idk what the rules are for posting IPs / domains of teamspeak servers and what no so just PM me if you want to schedule a time to have me give you a quick run down.
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  12. Yes there are many guides and many good books written on this subject.

    In the last couple of decades or so the O'Reilly books prove to be reliable and consistent. Try Linux in a Nutshell, or more advanced topics based on your level of experience.

    The question is sort of like "I bought some paints and brushes and now I need a guide on how to paint a portrait".

    I am sure you will be fine, but there's just so many different things to cover that all depend on what you want to do.

    Yes, you can google what you need and yes you probably already know what you need to know. But, it may be (likely) that you need a bit of reference on the administration of the system. There I'd go pulp and get some guide-book on Linux or whatever dist u have.

    Working with the filesystem.
    DNS and other services
    General server administration (backups, configuring things that you find in /etc/init.d, etc..)
    Network configuration ( ifconfig )
    Last but not least (unless you already know -- tools and editors in Linux) Learn vi

    That's just a start. Good luck.
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