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  1. So I want to buy a dedicated server, I would like to run:

    Vanilla Server 2x (20 players)
    Modded Server (10 players) - 90 mods ish

    I have 2 options:


    or SoYouStart:

    I'm not sure if Kimsufi would be able to host my needs or whether SYS would benefit that much from a slight price increase.

  2. I'd go with SYS if I were you.
    Keep in mind a VPS from ovsus would also be able to keep up with this.
  3. KS4-c can handle the servers.
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  4. The $40/£30 game VPS is what I'm looking for but I need to be able to host multiple servers
  5. Thank you my dude :)
  6. A vps works basicly like a dedi, you can host multiple on there.
    Ovsus is launching cheap hdd vps soon I heard, those would also be able to hold it up.
  7. Would it be able to run them all simultaneously without any lag?
  8. I believe that you should go with SoYouStart the cpu is WAY better for just ~5 euros it's always good to have a little more power than what you really need
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  9. Ohh by the way, maybe check this at ovsus, this also has a 3.70Ghz cpu.
    This would also be more than enough to hold it up.
  10. On a VPS/dedi you are able to host multiple servers
    Vanilla requires like nothing so yes
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  11. Would this allow me to host multiple at once still?
  12. Quite expensive for 8GB RAM, 40GB SSD but a E5 is always expensive...
  13. Agreed. I'm really waiting for their HDD to come out, should be really cheap :p
  14. I would be able to afford 16gb of ram with this. I've never heard of OVSUS so I'm a little sceptical atm. It almost seems too good to be true in a way
  15. How come? I got a shared mc server package still running at their hosting, all perfect, that's why I advert it a lot.
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  16. Ah makes sense. I also see they only come with 1 IPV4 address? Do I just need to edit the ports within the file to solve this?
  17. A VPS is like a dedicated server but shared. You get your own IP so no need to change any They are working on my VPS setup right now, as I'll be using it for my server, but I'm not that good at Linux.
    If you need their help, their livechat always opens at 6pm GMT+2.
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  18. I recommend you SYS, with that server that you want you can handle up to 80 players or even more on modded sv
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  19. And also, never buy VPS, they all suck for intense usage, even google´s VPS sucks
  20. Btw I have the Dedicated server i7I4790k with 32gb ram on SYS and it is just AWESOME I can handle 300 players online and 1 server with 20tps and 3 more servers openned
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