Dedicated Server in Europe

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    1. What type of hosting are you looking for? Dedicated
    2. What is your monthly budget? As cheap as possible. No specific budget though.
    3. Do you mind setup fees? Don't really care.
    4. How much memory will you need for the entire server itself? 16
    5. What type of CPU would you prefer? I don't really know the difference between Xeons.
    6. How much storage space will you need? 100gb
      • What type of storage would you prefer? SSD
    7. Would you like DDoS protection? Permanent.
    I really need help. My current dedicated server with Xeon E5 and 16gb RAM didn't handle 200 players.
  1. Are you fine with OVH, or do you have problems with them?
  2. Well I'm not over 18.
  3. anddd rip
  4. Get your parents to 'buy' it for you.
    Then you just pay them
  5. My parents really dislike paying money online.
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  6. ReliableSite is very good, if you are will to spend a little more than the likes of OVH it's very much worth it. Also look out for deals such as older processors which they sometimes sell for very good prices (I got a i7 3770 for $39 a month).
  7. 20.39% 243.00% 3.16 s 121.50 ms 1.0 0.0k Connection Handler

    13.10% 156.10% 2.03 s 78.05 ms 2.5 0.1k hubi - chunkLoad - Structures

    Two things, chunks & connection. (main issues anyway) Do you have player-shuffle on? Also, what type of server is it? Finally, what exact CPU model?
  8. Player suffle is off.
    It's a dedicated server.
  9. What gamemode?
  10. Multiple servers, but that is from the lobby.
    UltraCosmetics, Viaversion, BungeePortals and some Skripts. Some other plugins too.
  11. JamesJ


    Remember, an E5 isn't great for hosting individual MC servers. You want the best single-threaded performance possible (i.e i7 4790k, E3 1271v3, etc).
    Look into Choopa or Hertzner.
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