Dedicated Server - Is it good?

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  1. Hi!

    I am currently running a server with around 20-50 players on everyday, and we're going to build the playerbase even bigger, and open a new server soon. Although we do have Drop Parties sometimes where we hit 150 players, and that is lagging a bit. So we are looking for a new Server to run it all without much lag on.

    Do you think this server ( could run 150 players without any major lag? And it is worth the money?

  2. CPU is fine, wish it had SSDs though. Maybe go for one of their E3-SSD servers. We've found SSDs provide a significant improvement in world rendering and overall performance.
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  3. You're running one server on a node that could be put to more use running 6 servers concurrently. I would suggest could for one of SyS game servers or go over to OVH. You really don't need all that power.

    PS: On a side note Psychz has a discount going on right now, I'd go check out the offers they are advertising on their website here. The first one (the one at the very top) would suit you perfectly.

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    No idea why you felt the need to throw this post in several sections, but;
  5. I agree completely with dylan. SSDs have boosted the performance on my server significantly. The performance increase was so much I decided I needed one for my laptop ;)