Dedicated Server - Is it good?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by TheWackyTV, May 20, 2017.

  1. Hi!

    I am currently running a server with around 20-50 players on everyday, and we're going to build the playerbase even bigger, and open a new server soon. Although we do have Drop Parties sometimes where we hit 150 players, and that is lagging a bit. So we are looking for a new Server to run it all without much lag on.

    Do you think this server ( could run 150 players without any major lag? And it is worth the money?

  2. electronicboy

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    that E5 is basically the CPU that you'd get in every single shared hosting company all over; OVH also use crappy consumer HDDs that bottleneck fast, so depending on your server (e.g. if you expect players to be walking around causing chunk loading), that machine is not all that much of a good offer compared to any shared host that actually offers SSDs