Dedicated Server Question/Recomendation?

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  1. Hello,
    I own a skyblock server that has around 10-15 players online every day and I'm currently looking to migrate our data to a dedicated server. I've been looking through OVH option but seems I can't find any server that located on the US.

    If I choose the OVH server that located in Beauharnois, Canada, Will my player experience big lag difference? My current server is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Also if you guys have host recommendation please comment below :3 my budget is around 100$
  2. Canada is absolutely fine, especially if you don't have any PvP stuff. Even US to EU is all good for non-PvP stuff!
  3. My players half from the us and half from the europe
    Do you think canada ping is acceptable?
  4. Yes. It would also work the other way.
  5. In my experience people have better connection from Canada to central Europe than from the US to central Europe. Though I don't know if Canda just has better and/or lower latency domestic connections and thats why. Though if you're going to be hosting at OVH then you'll have some of the best peering so all players in the US and EU should be fine
  6. Go for Shockbyte hosting:
    Or go for HostHorde:
    With hosthorde you can get unlimited RAM etc, for $25 a month. Also if you have enough RAM etc, you can probably get just a little lag from across the world. I am located in the US and have connected to a UK server with no lag. Keep in mind that the server I joined had thousands of players.
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  7. I'm pretty sure you haven't been connected to a server that's had thousands of players on it and no lag!
  8. Okx


    They're looking for dedicated servers.
    And it's not unlimited RAM. The (soft) maximum amount of RAM is 8 GB, as CPUs struggle to garbage collect above that.
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  9. Fallout Hosting is great
  10. Ok sorry. I host from home and therefore only know how to program in Java. Lol
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