Dedicated server timing out?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Lambsauce, Sep 22, 2019.

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    Hey there,

    I have an issue where our Minecraft server freezes and players are kicked for timing out. TPS is above 19.5 at all times and timings or spark show no signs of lag. I also noticed SSH freezes during this time so I figure it may be some sort of network or connection issue? The server is behind a Bungeecord proxy.

    I would just like to hear if anyone knows what I should be looking for or what to use to figure it out, it is running CentOS. Can a plugin potentially cause this as it seems to have started happening after updating a lot of our plugins or could that just be coincidence?

    Thank you for any help!
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    mtr is a handy tool for things like this, basically run it against the servers IP, when stuff starts going wacky, see what it's saying; More than likely this is going to be garaunteed networking issues somewhere down the line, question is more "where"; Could be standard networking hell, could be hardware issues, debugging this stuff gets fun
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  3. Using SoYouStarts game servers by chance?
  4. Lambsauce


    Yes, how so?
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  5. Another potential issue I would think of would be DDoS protection, but more than likely the above - merely saying because in past I've had similar but was due to the protection.
  6. Is the server timing out? Or are players timing out from the server and the server continues to run.
    If you're running your server through a default ssh window and not utilizing screen, then that's the problem. Once your ssh connection times out, the server will stop. You need to use screen if that's the case.
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    I am running screen and mtr shows packet loss. Support wants me to boot it in rescue mode to take proper diagnostics but I can't be bothered with the downtime and the chance it wont fix it. I am looking to switch host at the moment as I require better hardware than SYS offers anyway.