Dedicated Servers... (Yes, Again :S)

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  1. So my community of 10-25 people has been looking for a bit of an upgrade. We run around 50 plugins on our 4GB Game Server from, and it is OK, but we need more power. Now I've been debating going for an upgraded game server (6GB = $60), or a dedicated. So far I've found OVH, and read many reviews on this forum, and others, but I can't seem to find anything about using a KS2 for a Minecraft/MySQL server... anyone know anything about that? I can only pay about $60 maximum a month, so I'll take hosting recommendations too (dedicated or game servers).

    - Rock
  2. If you're on about the KS2 and not the KS2G, then that is fine. That quad core i5 will get you up to about 100 players nicely.

    Defo go Dedicated over shared. You will notice a huge difference.
  3. @Suicidal_Tissue
    Thanks :D I was mainly worried about...
    1) The SATA2 HHDs for the Servers (MySQL/Minecraft)
    2) OVH Itself (After reading some more I think they'll be fine (they were nice on the phone :)))
  4. The HDDs will be fine, the CPU will most likely will be your bottleneck first.

    OVH are a good budget provider, you get what you pay for. Most people complain of shit support. If you're running an unmanaged server.. Why should you really need support. Some people complain about the network too, its not THAT bad. Its not the best but fine for a minecraft server.

    You should be happy with OVH currently...
  5. joehot200

    Supporter - £40/month 32GB RAM.
  6. joehot200
    I'm from the US (So I'm looking at BHS (I wish I could get those prices :p)) :p
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    Yeah, would be nice for you. Shame you cant get it then :(

    The KS1 looks the best for you. the KS2 has got a 3.1Ghz CPU, which would be fine, but its just less power, and more power is better!, and it also has 4 cores, but if you are only hosting 1 server 2 cores is all you will need anyway. (so for a single server ks1 is better, for multiple servers ks2 is better)

    Ram is fine, disk is fine (Obviously an SSD is better, but beggars cant be choosers ;)), connection is fine...
  8. Suicidal_Tissue
    I use Ubuntu 13.04 for all my computers (daily home use), but I'm not sure which server version to go for... I have the options of 10.04 (Eh... not sure), 12.04, 12.10, and 13.04. Should I go LTS, or newer? What do you use?
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    I use 12.10, its fine for me.
  10. I also use ubuntu 12.10 :)
  11. I'm a 12.04 user :) Some things ive installed havnt run on newer versions before,
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    Do any of you know why there isn't a US option in the countries menu (I'm trying to make an account :S)...
    Google Chrome some how causes this... anyways
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    lol chrome is good but can have its glitches :p

    I use chrome and signed up fine.
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    It worked for the first time, then I had to click back to fix something, but after that US option disappeared... this kind of happened in firefox, but I was FINALLY able to sign up. I called their support and they said "use firefox."